The tournament awards banquet was held on March 23, 2006 at 6:30 PM at the Elk's Lodge located between Jackson and Cape Girardeau

Thanks to all who attended, for those who did not make it to the banquet you missed another great meal.
We also had Sharon Billman as our special guest for the evening.

Door prizes were given away by drawing from banquet tickets purchased.

 Those who won door prizes at the banquet were:
    $25.00 gift certificates from West Park Lanes: NormaKester, Kendra Beussink, Trisha Quade
    $15.00 gift certificates from Main Street Lanes: Mary Wright, Thelma Lemonds
    Flower arrangements: Renee Seabaugh, Jeanna Bergen, Cathy Wright, Donna Schreiner, Yvonne Burlbaugh, Theresa Whitley,
                                     Fara McDonald, William Cox, Bert Gwyn, Sharon Billman, Lisa Smiley, and Patti Friga


    Election of the President, Vice-President, and 9 Directors took place at the annual meeting. They are Tracy Schreiner, President; Robby Bailey, Vice President;  and 9 Directors, Diana Brown, Yvonne Burlbaugh, Fara McDonald, Trish Quade, Melissa Smith,  Doris Stubenrauch, Patty Tanksley, JoAnn WIlliams and Cathy Wright
A position of Association Secretary will be taking the place of the current board's positon of secretary-treasurer.
This position will be selected or appointed by the new board. If interested submit a resume to one of the board of directors.

The dues will increase to $15.00 effective start with the summer bowling seasons.
$10.00 will be for USBC national dues and $5.00 for local association. At this time we will  not be paying state dues.

Our association tournament will be held at Jackson Lanes during the 2006-2007 season. Most likely we will be setting the dates for mid-February due to the Men's State Tournament being hosted by our local men's association.  
This resets our tournament rotation to:

 Jackson Lanes 06-07
Main Street Lanes 07-08
West Park Lanes 08-09

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