Dear Parents,

                The Southeast Missourian recently launched a new service that sends news and sports alerts to readers’ phones via text messages.  They have offered to share their technology with our school and provide a free service to keep our parents more informed.  By using this service we can instantly communicate with you in case of school closing, emergencies, early dismissal, etc., by sending you a text message or an email.

                If you are interested in being included in this service, you will need to go online and enroll.  You can enroll to receive a text message only or a text and e-mail.  The system does not allow you to sign up for e-mail only. 

                In order to add your name and become part of our text alert group, please follow these steps:

1)      Log in to  (You will need to have your phone with you when you register.  This service will not work on the “Pay as You Go” phones.)

2)      Click on “text alerts” tab

3)      Complete the sign-up information including name, mobile #, phone carrier, e-mail address (optional), and zip code.

4)      Check the “COPPA Compliant” box

5)      Choose any message groups you would like to be a part of.  (*Remember, text messages will be sent to your phone.  If your plan charges you for each text message, you will be responsible for paying the charges when a text is received.  If you only want to receive text messages from school, check St. Mary School #8 at the bottom of the listing. 

6)      Click “Continue”.

7)      An authorization code will be sent to your phone in about 30-60 seconds.  When you receive the code, type it into the box provided.  This will complete the registration process and you will be on the list to be “alerted” if needed.

8)      Additional phones may be added using the same steps.

                We are appreciative of being included in this free service to us.  We will not use the service for “trivial” announcements, but feel it will be a wonderful way for us to instantly communicate with parents.  We hope many of you will take advantage of the service.  This is, however, optional. 

                Feel free to call if you have questions or need additional information.




Carol Strattman