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Bingo Rules and Regulations

1. No one under the age of 16 is allowed in the hall.
2. Be sure that you have all your papers when purchasing your packet. No exchanges after game begins.
3. A player must bingo on the last number called to be valid. After the caller declares the game closed, no other bingos will be recognized.
4. Correct color paper as listed on the program must be used to be valid.
5. It is the players responsibility to make him/herself heard and stop the game. Make yourself heard.
6. The management's decisions regarding disputes are final!
7. If there are multiple winners, prize money will be divided equally.
8. We reserve the right to seat a bingo player if there is room at the table. A non-player must give up his or her seat to a bingo player.
9. You must redeem your Pull-Tabs on the day they are purchased. Tabs from other games are not accepted.
10. We reserve the right to refuse admission.
11.  Winners may be paid by cash or check.
12. No food or beverage of any kind shall be brought into the hall.
13. We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
14. No privately owned paper or sheets that have been altered will be accepted as winning bingo cards.
15. No one may enter the hall with lighted smoking material. Smoking in designated area only.
16. We reserve the right to alter the program without advance notice. We are not responsible for printing errors.
17. No solicitors allowed without prior approval of the management.
18. No gamboling devices of any kind.
19. We only accept checks at the front sales desk with proper ID.
20. The flashboards and monitors are for the convenience of the players. Wait for the number to be called.  If the caller miscalls a number the number on the ball with dictate.
21. Regular bingo games include outside and inside corners.

Progressive Bingo

A progressive bingo game is one in which the established prize amount and/or number of bingo balls called may be increased from on occasion to the next scheduled occasion and increase in value if no player completes the required pattern within the specified number of bingo balls drawn. A consolation prize of an amount less than the prize may be offered for the completion of the pattern of no player wins on the specified number of balls. The consolation prize amount may be raised or lowered by management from occasion to occasion.