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    Here's how to listen to messages on your telephone as they are being preached at the Sovereign Grace Church in Jackson, MO. Available every Wednesday at 7:00PM and Sunday at 10:30am CST (Central Standard Time).

To start a teleconference, please perform the following steps:

1) Dial the Toll-Free#: 1-888-296-6828

2) Enter your Participant code: 682982

bulletYou may want to use the hands-free head-set or speaker phone while listening.


bulletThe pastor will be able to mute the system for one-way use only during the service. Then after the service, the teleconference will be unmuted to allow for "All-Way" conferencing or fellowship of all users at one time.


bulletMessages can be held in "Record" mode for listeners who miss the meeting times and then use "Play Back" feature to hear the sermon at a later time.


bulletThe pastor can also use "Name Announce" feature to introduce and announce when other pastorís will be coming to Jackson for special services.

    Any further questions please call Pastor Drew Dietz at 573-243-0216.

    We believe that the gathering together of the sheep is of paramount importance, if it is not possible due to various circumstances. We hope this new feature (not serving as a substitute for coming together) will be used by our Heavenly Father to promote His Gospel, His Grace and His Glory.

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