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Popcorn Download Instructions

Downloading procedures vary depending on operating systems.
These instructions should work with any system using Windows 98.
Procedures on computers running other versions of Windows are similar.

1) Click on the following link to start the download from the ShowMe Net server:
       Download Popcorn
2) Windows will ask "What do you want to do with this file?
3) Click "OK", you want to save the program to disk.
4) The "Save as" box will suggest a location to save the "popsetup.exe" file.
    You may save the file in the suggested location or some other place on your system. 
    You must remember this location (the Desktop may be best).  Click "Save."

Geek Tip:  If you want to check your e-mail while traveling, install Popcorn on a USB drive and run it from there on any computer connected to the Internet.  Popcorn will not alter that computer's registry or make any changes to that system.

Popcorn Setup Instructions

5) Locate the downloaded "popsetup.exe" file using My Computer.
6) Click on "popsetup.exe" to install the program.
6) Find and click on the "popcorn.exe" file and follow the simple instructions.
7) When asked, click "yes" to create a new user profile.
8) Click on "New" to get started.
9) Type a Profile Name. Anything will work. I use "Show-Me Net."
10) Click on "Create."
11) Enter real name in the "Real Name" field. (optional)
12) Carefully enter your information in the following 5 fields.
      As an example, info for   is shown:

E-mail Address:
SMTP server:
POP3 server:
POP3 User: whoever
password: ******* (enter your real password here)

You do not need to change any other settings.

9) Click "OK"

Popcorn Usage
Start Popcorn by clicking on:
the "Start" button,
"Ultrafunk Popcorn," and
"Popcorn Release 1.##"

Click the RED tray to retrieve all of your mail headers.
Click the BLUE tray to retrieve only new mail headers.
Delete messages by checking the box next them. Then, click the "X" near the trays.
You must click on each message to download it.
Save selected messages by clicking the icon that looks like a floppy disk.


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