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In the upper left of your screen.. Click VIEW, SOURCE. Here is the data that makes this page work. Now...


<title> My Web Page </title>


<h1 align="center"><font color="#FF0000" size="7">Hi, Everybody !!!</font></h1>

<p> This is regular text. <font size="5"><b>This is big and bold.</b></font></p>

<i> Here are italics</i> and some <u> underlining. </u> </p>

<p><font color="#800040"><strong> Here's a link to the

<a href="">Show-Me Net</a> Home Page. </p>



The text should display like this:

Hi, Everybody !!!

This is regular text. This is big and bold.

Here are italics and some underlining.

Here's a link to the Show-Me Net Home Page.

Some people choose a WYSIWYG "WIZZ-ee-wig" editor such as FrontPage Express, which probably is already on your machine. Click START, PROGRAMS, INTERNET EXPLORER, and look for a writing pad with a red quill feather. Netscape has a similar editor.

Or you may choose an editor that lets you deal with the direct text, such as you have just done. There are several such free and shareware editors (that are easier than Notepad). Arachnophilia is good.

Do you have the makings of a web page editor?

Don't sell yourself short. Take a look at a web page. How could you improve the spacing, fonts, colors, or graphics to make it more interesting and appealing? OK, get busy!

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