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Welcome to Troop 16!

The Troop 16 Committee, the Scoutmaster, and Assistant Scoutmasters want to provide each new Scout and his parents with this general guide concerning what is expected of them and what Scouting is about. We also want you to know what you may expect of the other Scouts, the adult leaders, and the Troop Committee. We ask that the parents and Scout read over this material and discuss it as it relates to your family and your expectations of Scouting. We strongly encourage you and your son to read this manual and keep it handy for reference when questions arise. If you ever have a question, criticism or concern regarding the way the operation of the Troop or what may be expected of you, please contact the Scoutmaster or the Troop Committee Chairman. We all sincerely want your experiences with Troop 16 to be fun and full of personal growth. Scouting provides a unique program of self-development that is not found anywhere else. Those who follow Scouting’s trail mature, become self-confident, discover life-long values, and have fun doing it.

The emphasis of the Boy Scout program is to promote and encourage boy leadership. In support of this program, the Troop 16 adult leaders are present as advisors, insuring safety and keeping the program oriented toward Scouting ideals. Troop, patrol and patrol council meetings, camping trips and day trips are run by boy leaders, not by the adults. But, boys are "boys," and there may be many times when you will question, "Why are they so disorganized?" "Why are the meetings so noisy and unproductive?" and "Why don't the adults step in and do something?"

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What is Boy Scouting?

Aims and Methods of Scouting

Role of Parents




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Troop Finances

Troop Organization

Adult Leadership

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New Members

Troop Equipment


Youth Protection

Scouting Outside the Troop

Glossary of Terms


Junior Leader Organization

Adult Leadership

In Scouting we believe that the best way to develop leadership is to let the boys have as much freedom as possible; applying just enough adult authority to keep them safely focused on the task at hand. As long as they are sincerely trying to accomplish the duties of their positions they are learning the rudiments of leadership.

BSA policy is written in various official publications and is the final authority for resolving questions of policy. The troop committee is the final authority for implementing BSA policy in Troop 16. Proposed changes to Troop 16 policy can be submitted to adult leaders, the Troop Committee Chairman or a committee member for review at a troop committee meeting. Keep in mind, Scouting is a family activity and we encourage all parents to be involved in their Scout's development. Like anything else in life, you/your son, will get as much out of Scouting as you/he put into it.

The Boy Scouts of America does not operate units directly. Instead, it grants charters to organizations, authorizing them to organize Scout troops as part of their youth service program. Troop 16 is chartered by Elks’ Lodge No. 639 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. It has been continuously chartered for over 50 years. Troop 16 is in the Shawnee District, Greater St. Louis Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The local office of the Greater St. Louis Area Council is at: 3000 Gordonville Road, Cape Girardeau, MO 63703, phone (573)335-3346.

Troop 16 Committee Chairman


Troop 16 is in the Shawnee District, Greater St. Louis Area Council.

Chartering                  Elks Lodge No. 639 of Cape Girardeau

    Meetings     Thursdays at the KC Hall, Fr. Marquette Council (unless otherwise announced); 7 p.m. No
                          meeting when school
is canceled due to weather. Meetings
                          are held mid-August-May.

                            1st Thursday:    PLC, No regular troop meeting
                            2nd Thursday:   6:00 p.m. - Troop Committee meeting
                                                      7:00 p.m. - Regular meeting, Asst.
                                                      Scoutmaster’s meeting
                            3rd Thursday:    6:30 p.m. - Scoutmaster Conferences
                                                      7:00 p.m. - Regular Troop meeting
                            4th Thursday:    7:00 p.m. - Regular Troop meeting, Boards
                                                       of Review

Scoutmaster                Steve LeGrand - 334-0117 (H);

Committee Chairman Dan Williams - 334-4405 (H),(W);

Cost                            Annual Dues - $5/month or $45/year
                                    Summer Camp - $125 or $115 if paid before May 1
                                     Camp Scholarships are available, see the
                                    Boy Scout Handbook - $7.95 from the Scout shop,
                                     3000 Gordonville Rd.
                                    Rechartering Fee - $31 per new Scout; $50 for those
                                     already in Troop 16 as of September 1, or sell $50
                                     profit on popcorn or pizzas by March 1
                                    Monthly Campout Fee - $15 per Scout (or more,
                                    depending on campout) 

Required                     Class A:  Scout shirt with patches in correct locations;
Uniform                        blue jeans, Scout/olive pants, or Scout shorts; Scout
                                      socks; Scout belt for all meetings and other official
                                      functions. Red neckerchief for formal events such as
                                     Class B:  Any Boy Scout t-shirt; blue jeans or Scout
                                     shorts with Scout socks. Pass-alongs available as
                                     supply permits. See the Troop Committee Chairman.

Medical &                   Monthly activity (trip) permission slips, including Permission Forms     medical advisory, as required.
                                    Long medical form required for summer camp and
                                    high adventure.
                                    Information form for all drivers on campouts and other

Outdoor Equipment    Scout provides:  sleeping bag; sleeping mat; water-
                                      proof footwear; personal
clothing and equipment (see
                                      checklist for details); duffle bag or pack
                                      Troop 16 provides: tents and ground cloths; cooking
                                      stoves and equipment

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