Troop 5 Committee Meeting

Wednesday, February 2, 2005


Committee Chairperson:   Debbie Griffith

Scoutmaster:   Jerry Hampton

Senior Patrol Leader:   Will Lafoe

Troop Scribe:   Wesley Spinks

Chaplain:  Allen Taylor

Treasurer:   David Hinton

Uniform Bank:  Susan Ludolph

Court of Honor:   Becky Kies, Rebecca Summary and Michelle Holmes

Board of Reviews:  David Knight and Larry Holmes Chairmen

Historian:  Murray Grace

Advancements:  Brian Weiss, Sheryl Schmitt and Jerry Hampton

OA Representative:  Chris Wessel

Equipment:   Mark Spinks

Older Scout Program Coordinator:  John Waggener

Training Coordinator:  Kenny Beussink

Hospitality:  Joyce Renaud


Recruitment and Mentoring Program:

Camping Coordinator:  John Waggener



Telephone/E-mail Coordinator:  Diane Flesher

Website Coordinator:  Mark Spinks


I.                   Committee Reports


II.                Old Business

A.     The Klondike Derby was held on January 15, 2005 at the Maintz Wildlife Refuge in Millersville, MO.  We had 14 boys and 5 adults attend.  The scoutmasters were in agreement that the weekend went well.  Thanks again to Matt Taylor for coordinating this event.


B.     February 19th is MBU (Merit Badge University).  Registration and the

$12.00 registration fee is due to MBU by February 5th.  There is a 20-scout limit per class.  If your son has not signed up but would like to attend, get your $12.00 check to Mr. Hampton tonight.  The boys will be camping out at the VFW lake after Merit Badge University.  The  Webelo dens will be invited to join us along with their fathers.  The troop will be picking up the expense for this campout.


Trade-O-Ree will be March 11th  and 12th.  We  will need a coordinator for this event.  I am sending around a list for the star and above scouts to sign up to work.  I have a list to pass around for the adult workers and a list of items we would like to have donated for Trade-O-Ree.


The Troop 5 Court of Honor will be held February 27th at the Elks Lodge.  They are concerned about the parking at the VFW.  After this Court of Honor, all others will be held at the VFW.  REMEMBER TO PAY YOUR DUES BEFORE THE COURT OF HONOR!!!


Jamboree 2005 will be in Washington, D.C. July 25th – August 3rd.  There is space for 2-4 more boys.  Must be at least 12 years of age to attend.  The cost is $1,495.00.  If anyone is interested please see me.  I have the applications.


New Business


Mr. Hampton wanted me to bring this item of business before the parents committee.  It is time once again for Friends of Scouting.  Mr. Don Mowery will be speaking with us requesting donations for scouting.  Do we want Mr. Mowery to come to a parents meeting ( 1st meeting in March) or to the February Court of Honor.  If we want him to come to the court of honor do you want him to go first or last?


The March campout will be the 18th, 19th, and 20th.  They will be camping at Taum Sauk and will go on a 28 mile hike.


It is time for the troop re-charter.  To re-charter your scout  send payment of $21.00 by February 15th. 


I’d like to thank our volunteers for taking on new or additional responsibilities for Troop 5.  Diane Flesher, Bob Flesher, Joyce Renaud, Roy Dawson, Susan Ludolph, Susan Gentry, Dick Gentry, Debbie Griffith, Mike Morgan, Mark Spinks, and John Waggener.


Mark Spinks is setting up a free Troop 5 web site through  Mark has requested input from the parents committee as to what items need to go on the web site, by the end of February.  You can talk to me or go to Mark directly.


The Elks Lodge has requested assistance with an early spring clean-up.  It will take about 1-2 hours. The Elks will supply gloves and trash bags and will provide lunch.  Details to follow.


Mr. Hampton has contacted Packs 20, 21 and 16.  There are only 12-15  2nd year Webelo’s from these packs.  The numbers are small for recruiting.