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           Boy Scout Troop 5 is very fortunate to be sponsored by the VFW Post 3838 of Cape Girardeau. The VFW provides one of its members as a charter representative who serves as a liaison between the chartering organization and the troop. He has close contact of the Troop level activities and with the Troop leadership. The representative helps the troop when requesting funding.


The Scoutmaster is Jerry Hampton. Jerry lives and breathes Boy Scouting and has the support of his family, which consists of three sons who are Eagle Scouts and wife Betty who helps the troop tremendously.


Assisting the Scoutmaster are a large number of Assistant Scoutmasters who work together to guide and train the boys toward attaining merit badges, rank advancements, and leadership skills. These adults provide strength, guidance, understanding and knowledge to the Senior Patrol Leader, Leadership Corps, and Patrol Leaders. The Leaders main goals are to facilitate and provide a learning atmosphere for today’s youth, helping them become mature young men.


The Senior Patrol Leader runs the Troop. He works on planning the weekly meeting agendas and is the main spokesman during the meeting. He holds Patrol Leaders Council meetings with the individual Patrol Leaders, Asst. Patrol Leaders, and at the Patrol Leaders Council meetings, when the scouts plan the monthly meetings and outings. The SPL is an elected position by the boys. It is limited to one 6-month term. You must be a Star Scout and have gone to the JLTC.


The scouts are divided into separate patrols of 8 or less boys. The Patrol Leader and Asst. Patrol Leader work with the scouts on planning patrol activities while on monthly campouts. Overseeing the patrol is an Asst. Scoutmaster. He provides guidance to the scouts, making sure that they are meeting all the requirements to achieve the next rank. Patrols are to meet twice a month to plan what they need for the monthly activity, menus, and work on rank advancements. The Patrol Leader and Asst. Patrol Leader are elected by the Patrol and serve 6-month terms. They may serve more that one term. For the first year the boys rotate every month at being the Patrol Leader.


The Troop Committee is responsible for supporting the troop’s activities and handling the administrative duties, which include - Troop Committee Chairman, and volunteers in charge of fund raisers, treasury, advancement records, travel arrangements, and providing communication for all scout families


All of these adults together provide guidance and support to the scouts helping to teach needed leadership and communications skills, which all youth should possess in their adulthood lives. We attempt to provide the scouts with many leadership responsibilities by having a youth ran organization.




Parent participation is a key aspect in scouting. Parents are asked to take an active interest in their son’s life through supporting his interest and his troop while being involved with Boy Scout Troop 5. Supportive parents help boys stay active in scouting and not lose interest in the scouting program.


Parent participation is tremendously beneficial to Troop 5. The Troop has a very effective Troop Committee comprised of the parents, which perform the troop’s administrative duties.


Troop 5 committee Meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month during the regular Scout Meeting at the VFW. All parents are encouraged to attend these monthly meetings to discuss their interests and concerns. This will keep you informed of the upcoming troop activities.


Parent participation and interest is vital to help influence a scout to have an active interest in the Boy Scout program. The leadership of Troop 5 appreciates your participation.






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