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More than 600 homes damaged in Caruthersville twister

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - A tornado that struck Caruthersville last weekend [Sun Apr 2, 2006] damaged or destroyed more than 600 homes in the Missouri Bootheel town Caruthersville, state officials said Thursday. youtube video


Caruthersville tornado 2006

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Caruthersville tornado
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The most severe damage was in Pemiscot County and its county seat Caruthersville. Within the city, 438 homes were damaged, another 205 were destroyed and 25 businesses were either damaged or destroyed. Another 152 homes were either damaged or destroyed in the county.

About 70 Caruthersville residents are living in an emergency shelter set up by the American Red Cross. Some estimate that more than half the town of 6,700 residents was destroyed by the tornado that hit about 7 p.m. Sunday.

Aside from buildings and homes, the storms also damaged some Caruthersville schools. State emergency officials said the high school lost its roof and the maintenance facility was destroyed. No buses were damaged, but the building housing them was destroyed. Also, the elementary school has reparable roof damage.

One death occurred in nearby Braggadocio and another in Circle City in Scott County.

Pemiscot County Clerk Larry Ray said Tuesday's scheduled elections in Caruthersville will be postponed until May 2 after the city was devastated by a tornado over the weekend. Caruthersville is the first town in Missouri ever to make such a move, according to a spokesperson for the MO Secretary of State.

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