Charleston, Georgetown SC; Newbern, NC shaken by Feb. 7, 1812 earthquake; 

NY shaken by Dec. 16, 1811 quake (further below)

The Philadelphia Mercantile Advertiser (PA) dated Feb 25, 1812. Inside page, 1/2 column of headlines and news of the New Madrid, Missouri EARTHQUAKE.

Feb 7 1812 New Madrid Earthquake felt in the Carolinas

Newbern NC  Feb 8, 1812 - Another earthquake - at 4 am yesterday a strong and alarming shock of an earthquake... its duration was perhaps two minutes; some think it continued much longer. The rocking, or rather jerking, was often repeated and violent. it seemed as if some monstrous weight had rolled or swing almost out of the power of the force which was restraining it; and that, that power by desperate tugs and efforts wrenched it back again. It went off with a trembling like the quivering of a vessel at sea after it had sustained a rugged stroke from an enormous and impetuous wave. A few minutes before 11 last evening another shock was felt by many, nearly equal in force and violence to that in the morning.

Georgetown, SC - A shock far more severe than any hitherto experienced, was felt in Georgetown SC Feb 7 about 4 o'clock a.m. The inhabitants were generally awakened by the shaking of their beds, clattering of windows and cracking of houses. The earth assumed a vibratory or undulating motion. Many who leapt from their beds found it almost impossible to keep their feet. (many) experienced a nausea of the stomach. A rumbling noise was heard to precede the shock.

Charleston SC - At this period of awful visitation, when the trembling earth seems ready to sink beneath our feet, I trust it will not be deemed premature in one of your fellow citizens to express a hope that the Reverend Clergy of our city will, on the ensuing Sabbath, in an especial manner, call upon their respective congregations to join them in humble supplications to Almighty god, "who looketh on the Earth and it trembleth," that "he will remember mercy" and "give us help from trouble."

Credit: Steve Goldman Historical Newspapers

Arkport NY (SE of Buffalo) shaken by Dec. 1811 NM quake

Philadelphia Mercantile Advertiser (PA) dated January 31, 1812.

Arkport - Angelica - Allegheny County NY (south of Rochester, SE of Buffalo, NY) - very singular phenomena I will state as related to me by one of the eyewitnesses. Early in the morning, about sunrise, as sitting at breakfast, he had a strange feeling, and supposed at first that he was fainting, but as his sight did not fail, he then concluded that he was going into a fit, and removed his chair back from the table.

He then had a sensation as though the house was swinging and observed that the clothes hanging on a line in the room were also swinging as was a kettle over the fire. He observed that his wife and family appeared to be greatly alarmed, and still supposing it was in consequence of his apparently falling into a fit, but ... continued for at least 15 minutes.

There was no noise or trembling, or any wind, but only an appearance of swinging or rocking as he supposed, equal to the house rocking 2 feet one way and the other. One of his neighbours felt the same, and on the opposite of the river ... the same motions and sensations were felt. Mrs. Church jumped out of bed supposing the house was on fire. The motion set all bells in the several rooms ringing and an inside door was observed to swing open and shut. The same motions were felt up the river about 8 miles.

I could relate many other similar motions felt and perceived at the same time, but leave it for the present. How to account for it I know not. If you think it worthy of notice, you may make it public... I should like to hear it accounted for on rational principles.

Philadelphia Mercantile Advertiser (PA) dated January 31, 1812. Inside page headline and long and detailed news coverage

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