Subject: Re: Quintupled quake frequency?
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2014
From: Gary Lee Patterson (glpttrsn) <>
To: Fred Keller <>
CC: Stephen Patrick Horton (shorton) <>, Mitchell M Withers (mwithers) <>

Hello Fred,

Thanks for the great info on your New Madrid website.

The increase in seismicity you asked about is partially or wholly related to
gas extraction processes, but probably not fracking. Fracking and dewatering
creates millions of gallons of waste water. The easiest way to get rid of
the water is to dig another hole...usually much deeper...and pump the water
into the ground. This waste water injection process is most likely the cause
of the increase in earthquakes in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and to a lesser
degree in other states east of the Rockies.

The article you cited below is a good reference for background, but also

I have also cc'd our in-house expert on the matter, Dr. Steve Horton, for
further comment if you need it.

Good luck

Gary Patterson, CERI

On 7/26/14 7:29 AM, "Fred Keller" <> wrote:

> Please see the quote from the Wall Street Journal, below. Is it fair and
> accurate? How much of it might be based on fracking? Could you refer me
> to other articles that might elaborate? Thank you.
> "According to the USGS, the frequency of earthquakes in the central and
> eastern U.S. has quintupled, to an average of 100 a year during the
> 2011-2013 period, up from only 20 per year during the 30-year period to
> 2000."


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