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Missouri Dinosaur

Dinosaur was trapped in a quake fault south of Marble Hill, WSW of Cape Girardeau. See topography

Hypsibema missouriense Marble Hill Mo Bollinger Co Museum

Hypsibema missouriense model at Bollinger County Mo Natural History Museum, Marble Hill




at Silver Dollar City, Branson Mo




These three graphics come from Greg Hempen, a St. Louis engineer. Search NMES,



MO DNR article on seismic mapping. Bedrock in downtown St. Louis is 10-100 feet below ground, which leaves little room for liquefaction, amplification during a quake. A corresponding area of downtown Memphis would be 3,000 feet above bedrock. See Mississippi Embayment references in topography and origins on this site. MO DNR graphics.

mo dnr st. louis downtown boreholes bedrock




These graphics can be expanded. Right-click, SAVE AS, then open them on your computer.


above 3 graphics from J. David Rodgers,


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